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The Wedding Stylist Podcast

Dec 16, 2020

Juan Luis Lopez Fons is a Mexican-American video director, videographer and editor as well as owner of Emotivo Productions, a video production facility. Juan Luis opened Emotivo Productions four and a half years ago and has been helping businesses and individuals promote themselves, their values and vision thorough compelling, personal and engaging videos. These videos are designed to create trust between Emotivo’s clients and their future clients as well as give people a true sense of the individuals behind a business, event, cause, charity or corporation.

Emotivo Productions also creates wedding videos, including something called a 'couple's trailer'. This is a special video where Emotivo interviews the bride and groom, separately, a few weeks before the ceremony to get a sense of their love story. After the couple provides pictures and their favorite songs, Emotivo creates a trailer of their story with some of the wedding footage in preparation for the couple's wedding video, which is edited within a few weeks of the couple's marriage.

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