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The Wedding Stylist Podcast

Jan 28, 2021

Listen to Brandi Roe, professional make up artist, give tips and tricks to make your make up look it's best on your big day.

From Brandi:

For over a decade I've been a professional makeup artist for television, commercials, music videos and special events. I love the opportunity to be part of a team and help bring stories to life.

In recent years I felt a pull to expand my work. In 2018, I founded Révéler Beauty to help women use the power of beauty rituals and self-care practices to transform their lives and feel at home in their bodies.

I'm also clean beauty advocate & educator. I'm passionate about teaching women (and men) how switch to safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly beauty and personal care products.

Above all, I desire to be a voice that empowers women to stop chasing illusive standards and reclaim ownership of their beauty—inside and out.

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